Victor Cesar Bota

Bota began his artistic life as a painter when he was exposed to art at an early age, making it a natural progression for him to work in arts. While living in Rio de Janeiro, Bota befriended Renzo Gracie, who later became the subject of one of his projects.

As Bota was studying Fine Arts, he was discovered by Ford Models, which started his career as a fashion model, eventually moving Bota to the United States. Bota lived between New York, Miami, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Seattle. While in Seattle at the heart of the grunge movement, Bota started fully dedicating himself to the visual arts. Upon his move back to New York City in 1999, Bota began experimenting with photographing and film-making.

Bota's short film “Freeman”, was co-produced in collaboration with 02 Films whose credits include "City of God", "Constant Gardener", and "Blindness". “Freeman” was a selection of several film festivals. Bota's music video "Call My Name" was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award. With Renzo Gracie, Bota started a project about his family, the legendary Gracies, the remarkable creation and expansion of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts around the world.